Thursday, March 1, 2012

Been a while

Hello to anyone reading this:

A few things. First off, I've been invited/chosen to take part in a programming contest, Programmania, through my school (specifically Mr. Chiarelli, my former Programming teacher).
Despite the fact that I haven't done any programming since last semester, I think I'll do it. Only problem is what I'll do regarding the pizza that's likely to be consumed, as I gave up lunch for Lent. :/
Ah, well, I suppose I can extend my Lenten observation by one day.

Next up: I have recently delved deep into the world of Android. I have rooted, flashed, recovered, and messed up my phone, an underpowered Samsung Galaxy Gio (GT-S5660M, the M meaning a deviation from the regular version, specifically for Bell/Virgin Mobile/Solo Mobile customers). If you have an Android phone, or any smartphone for that matter, I strongly suggest checking out the XDA Developers' forum, where you can learn all about rooting (gaining full control over your device) and flashing a custom ROM. My current ROM is a modified port of CM9 ICS, or CyanogenMod 9 Ice Cream Sandwich, called GalaxyICS, which is for the Gio, Ace, and (I believe) Mini. A little slow sometimes, but with only 800MHz and 300MB of RAM or so, that's not a lot to work with.

So, yeah. Chose my courses for next year, but it's complicated because I need a Senior Visual Arts credit, but I'm currently taking Grade 9. I'm in Grade 11 right now. You can't take three Visual Arts courses in the same year. I talked to my teacher, and she said that I should try to get into the Grade 11 Mixed- or Open-level course, then the Grade 12 one, even though the M course requires Grade 10 as a prerequisite.

Stay tuned to my blog for more info about my personal life!