Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ugh... (art) homework.

The bane of every student's existence, homework. Something that thus far I've either not had or had little of, or had but there was no due date (ergo, I didn't do it). Now, however, and this is ironic - now, I have a big assignment that I missed yesterday because of the retreat, and guess what subject it is?
Art. More specifically, Visual Arts.
I hate art history. I could care less about so and so's contributions to art, or that they had to steal the bodies of dead criminals in order to perform a dissection to study anatomy.
"Wait, what?" Yes, one small part of the assignment I'm doing is researching Andreas Vesalius, whose apparently was a big influence on our understanding of anatomy. Before him, it was believed that the human jaw was made up of two bones, not one, and there were about 200 different theories this guy proved wrong.
See, I am learning stuff. I'd just really rather not. This does not excite me in any way, though I know it does for some people, particularly this one girl in my art class, who brought her own anatomy book to class to use as a reference for a supposedly big project we're working on that will likely take half a semester at the rate it's going. Which is fine by me. I dun wanna work on it.

Songs in Mah HEAD

I often have songs that go through my head throughout the day. For example, I currently have Demon Hunter - Tomorrow Never Comes

(Powered by playing in my skull.
But yesterday after I came back from the Grade 12 Religion retreat I had a song that wouldn't go away. What made it worse was that I didn't even know what the title of the song was. Nor the artist.
I asked for help in a Facebook group that I'm a part of that has many members, but apparently no one knew of any song with the specific lyrics I was thinking of off the top of their heads. Eh, I'm sure one day I'll be playing my music and it'll come on, and I'll be like, "hey, waitaminute..."

Speaking of the retreat, it was alright, but as I'm Protestant I didn't know what to make of the extremely heavy emphasis on the Saints. Didn't help that it was the Feast Day for the Canadian Martyrs. Oi.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Facebook at School?

Today at lunch I connected to the school's Wi-Fi network. That in and of itself is not unusual. What was unusual is that I received messages from Facebook. This normally shouldn't happen, as it is blocked by the HWCDSB. If you try and type in "" the message "Access to the Desired Web Page is Restricted!" appears. Adding an "s" in there (for https, which is more secure than regular http) doesn't help, it just loads and loads and loads ad infinitum.

Unfortunately, my wonderment was short-lived, as my outgoing messages wouldn't send.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Windows (Phone) 8

Windows 8 marks the first time I am actually excited about anything Microsoft that is not directly related to the Xbox gaming platform. True, it only works well on touchscreen devices - e.g. Microsoft's own Surface device, Samsung's ATIV smartPC, all-in-one PCs - but I'm looking forward to getting it. However, I need money to do that, but I think I am just too lazy to go out there and really try to find a job. There are other ways of getting money, like selling items on eBay, but again, I'm too lazy.

Another thing that I'm looking forward to is the release of WP8, or Windows Phone 8, in October, three days (I think) after the release of Windows 8. Ever since my friend Dewey showed me his Windows Phone 7, the LG Optimus Quantum, I've slowly grown to like the platform. Now that the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X have been announced (others have also been announced but these are the high-end devices), I am really excited. The Nokia Lumia 920's coolest feature, for me at least, is its Qi wireless charging system. Qi (pronounced "Chi") is actually a standard used in a few other devices, and hopefully will grow in popularity. It is similar to the Powermat systems that you can buy in Future Shop, Best Buy and other electronics stores, but instead of having to purchase a separate battery pack/case that plugs into the phone, you merely need a charging plate. You just plop the phone onto the plate and it charges. There are also other neat features, like the PureView camera that has OIS (optical image stabilizing) but that's the biggest one for me. The HTC 8X is also really cool, with a beautiful display and Beats audio, but as it lacks a microSD card slot (ironically the lower-end 8S has one) I don't think I'll be getting it. After all, I recently bought a 32 GB card for my budget-oriented (read: low-end) Samsung Galaxy Gio. There is another phone I might end up getting, the Samsung ATIV S, but I don't know as much about it as I do the others.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School Hard Drives

Last year the hard drive space for students was minuscule - only 300 MB. This year, it's a lot larger... but I have no idea how much larger. My Computer reports all the drives as being the same size, 781 GB. That is definitely not accurate, as it said that there was still over 500 GB free. But then I couldn't save in Visual C#, which only usually happens if either the folder you're saving to is read-only or you've run out of space. I knew my Dropbox folder, where I usually save my stuff to, wasn't read-only, so I tried deleting a large folder (Camera Uploads within the DB folder) that was just over 1 GB. Sure enough, that did it.
Selecting everything on my drive, I can see that I have just over 200 MB of files. So, while the drive is bigger than before... it's not much bigger.
Perhaps I should just plug in my 32 GB USB thumb drive and save everything to there instead.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Every single post will involve ponies in some way shape or form.

Be afraid.

In other news, I deleted everything to do with ICS 2O1 because I 1) didn't think about the possibility of me taking it again and 2) at the time we only had 300 MB for our hard drives. Checking My Computer, it now says all the network drives are over 500 GB. I have no idea if that is accurate. Maybe I should try installing WUBI and find out... actually, no, that wouldn't work, because WUBI installs Linux as a Windows program, and I'm pretty sure Deep Freeze cleans out the registry of any new entries. Or maybe it just restores the C: drive at every boot. Hmm.
If only these computers had the capability to boot from USB. Then I wouldn't have this issue...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Game Play

I finally have an OC (Original Character) with which to roleplay. His name is Game Play, and this is currently the only artwork of him, and his description:
"It's-a-me, Game Play! I'm not Italian like the famous plumber, but I *can* shoot fireballs... provided I just played a Mario game. Actually, there's no guarantee I'll get that specific ability. See, my magic lets me sporadically gain abilities from whatever game I last played, be it Wii Sports or Halo 4 (as seen in the image). So... don't get me a game where you fire off nukes one after the other. That is, unless you want your next winter to be a nuclear one."

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back from the dead

I never expected to ever use this blog again, but because I'm taking Grade 11 Programming I'm reviving it.
Also, thanks to my good friends Alex Rastelli and Kevin Guzman, I have discovered ponies.
Expect at least one post a week involving them.