Thursday, November 10, 2011

Timmy's Runs

First off: if you were confused by the title, it's okay, you're probably not alone.

I often get to work just after someone has left to go to Tim Horton's to get coffee and Timbits. This frustrates me, as I always bring my wallet to work, for the express purpose of paying a coworker to get me coffee. Or, in the rare instance, when I actually go with a coworker to Tim's. That's only happened, what, once in my entire Co-op this far? And it's already half over, too.

In fact, one of my coworkers actually asked me if I wanted to go on a "Timmy's Run" today. I would have accepted, except for one thing:
That was at 4 pm. My Co-op ends at 4.

If I had my own vehicle (and a driver's licence), then I could easily accept, walk to Tim's (it's not far from Future Shop), walk back, hang out for a bit, then drive back home. Sadly, this is not the case.


The presentation of our group poster didn't go over so well, in my opinion. I believe it was obvious that we didn't practise. (We couldn't, because of Billy going off on his science trip to the zoo; ironically enough, he sounded the most rehearsed out of all of us. Probably because he wrote the explanation for the pictures on the poster.) Overall, I think we did a decent enough job. The presentation isn't everything; with all the written work that we did, I'm confident my group will get a good mark.

ENG - Macbeth Group Work

Last night I stayed up way too late (in my opinion, that's 11:00 on a weekday) doing English group work. Specifically, Macbeth group work.

We were tasked with making a visual element (a poster), a 250 word explanation of the pictures used on the poster, finding 5 quotes from the play that represent different themes, and, finally, individual questions (to be answered individually. Duh).

I ended up doing most of the work for the poster. Johnny helped me out with ideas for the pictures (I ended up copying one or two almost exactly as he had done them on a lined piece of paper, just blowing them up a little to match the scale of my other drawings), while Qadry drew one of the pictures and helped out with brainstorming. Billy was away yesterday (Wednesday), so he couldn't really contribute during class, but I sent  him a picture of the poster once I was done it on Facebook, so he could write the explanation for it (Johnny also said he'd do it, but he's not exactly known for his proficiency with words, so hopefully we'll have two different versions to choose from).

When I was done the poster, my right arm felt limp - I'd drawn, inked, and coloured at least 6 different images, and written a few critic quotes on the bottom-left corner (also a requirement of the assignment).

Friday, November 4, 2011

Weird Day

Yesterday was a weird day for me, and it was full of pain.

First was the Honour Roll assembly. Me and a few hundred other students were waiting in our respective grade lines to get into the Auditorium for about 40 minutes or so. With my flat feet, that was a killer on my lower back.Then, when we sat down in the auditorium pews, that didn't help much, either. So, through the rest of the day (including my Co-op), my back hurt like heck. When I got home, it hurt to walk, much less go up the stairs!

The Honour Roll assembly itself was okay, despite people behind me (I knew them, they were in Grade 11 as well, but I'm not naming any names) being extremely rude and talking at a normal volume, which is quite loud in a quiet auditorium. My Mom was there, trying hard to record me with our SD video camera (it was her first time using it). She successfully caught me as I was walking across the stage, shaking the (former?) superintendent's and the principal, Mr. Daly's hands. My Dad was busy at work with 6 meetings (he works in the Sales department of Digital Video Group, a division of Metroland Media), so he couldn't make it. In addition to getting almost a carbon copy of the same certificate I got last year (only the years and Grade level were changed), I also got a neat little pin with the SJB logo and motto on it.

At Co-op, I was having trouble maintaining my balance, as I was feeling slightly dizzy, though for the most part I was coordinated enough to do some work. Nonetheless, one of my coworkers offered to take me on a Tim Horton's run for the tech room and anyone else that wanted anything, which I gladly accepted. The fresh air did me good, and when I returned I was feeling much better - that is, until I reentered the tech room, which was much, much warmer than outside. I quickly finished my coffee before it got cold, but immediately regretted it, as it made me that much warmer inside.

Besides helping out with dinner and watching the Big Bang Theory, one of the best running comedies around, I spent most of the evening/night at home in my room, lying on my bed, with an ancient heating pad on my back, playing Metroid: Other M on my Wii. The heating pad didn't help much, because it's so old and barely works anymore, but the "Dual Action" hot/cold gel that I had on my back when I went to sleep really helped ease the pain, and I drifted off peacefully enough into sleep.