Thursday, October 27, 2011

Power Supply, USB issues, and POST

Last night, before Youth at the church (West Highland Baptist), I went to Canada Computers and got a new power supply, a Cooler Master ( I got it for three main reasons: making my computer quieter, decreasing total heat output (makes my room way too warm), and stabilizing my system.

What I mean by the latter is that, I continuously had to press the Reset button on the front of the case (often more than once) in order to get my computer to just start up. When I tested the system last night, it seemed as if for naught, as it was only a few decibels quieter, and I still had to hit the reset button!

This morning, however, when I started it up, I learned, not only that, but the front USB ports weren't working, and, since my computer's beneath my wooden desk, I have the wireless dongle for my Logitech Unity keyboard and mouse combo plugged in there. (If plugged in the back USB ports, they don't connect, or the input lags.) So, I took it apart, took out all the cables connected to the USB headers (on purpose) and power connectors for the front panel (by accident), and put them all back in. Then, when I turned it on, they worked! Hallelujah! And, so far, the 3 or 4 times I've turned it on since (different tests to see if I connected everything properly again), I haven't had to press the Reset button! And this was all before school this morning!

Now, as I mentioned earlier, my system isn't a whole lot quieter. This is not because the power supply is loud, but rather, because one of the fans, a 120mm Blue LED Cooler Master "Sickle Flow" fan (, is directly connected to a Molex power connector, instead of the motherboard. My mobo (This crappy thing) only has one fan header, and that one goes to the rear case fan, though I might switch, and see if that makes a difference (in noise level, not cooling ability. I don't have very new parts that require a lot of energy, so I'm not worried much about them overheating).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


While I'm enjoying learning Computer Programming in C#, I can't help but wish there was a course or unit that covered Python. Python is a cross-platform programming language most often used in Linux, but many programs (if Python is installed) can be found on Windows and Mac OSX. Python is usually used to create Open-Source programs, meaning, free, as in beer (you don't have to pay to get it) and free, as in, you're free to modify the source code as you see fit, while still giving credit for the original program or code, should you choose to repackage it and redistribute it.
Since I feel most at home using some sort of Linux distribution, it is very difficult for me to use C# anywhere outside of school. Most PCs have Microsoft Windows of some sort on them. Those who use Linux are considered "Power Users", and are considered a minority. Despite that, we are a very vocal, and very stubborn, minority indeed.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Design

Just a quick update: I have changed the background to make it look more like my comic site. Look in the previous post for a link. I will likely make more such edits in the future.

At long last!

I've finally, after so much delay (intentional and not), have started my first comic! At this point, I'm just pencilling it - I'll ink, colour, and add dialog later on the computer. I only have the first two pages planned out at the moment, but I'll get working on that, too. I'm so happy! I've been horrible with this, posting an Author Blog on the site "explaining" (more like excusing-!) why I haven't done anything yet. Darn Halo: Reach, Mass Effect (1 & 2) and every other fun and/or entertaining distraction out there!


It's been really rainy the last few days. It's supposed to rain more tonight. Yesterday, walking home, my head got soaked - I was afraid I'd get a head cold! Thankfully, it hasn't rained all that much today - that is, walking home, I didn't get wet! My day away from Co-op (it was a half-day today, and afternoon students get to choose if they go or not) was...productive. That is to say, I got lots of chores done, and I finished my first draft for my ENG Persuasive Essay. Good thing Miss extended the deadline to tomorrow, or I'd be finished-!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Halo: Reach

I've been playing Halo: Reach with all my spare time for the past few days, ever since I got Xbox LIVE Gold again. Due to the lack of me playing, I've stayed the same rank the entire time: Major Grade 3. However, judging by the way that my team comes in first almost all the time in a Team Slayer* match, or how I kicked the butts of those ranked even higher than General (formerly the highest rank known to Halo players) in a Free-for-all Slayer match, I should be a much higher rank, such as a Colonel, or even Commander! In Reach, rank is more determined by how often you play, if you don't quit most of the time and play all your games to their end, than skill (though it does take some skill to complete the Daily and Weekly Challenges, which reward you with huge Credit* bonuses upon completing them).

*Note: for those that know nothing of Halo or its online Matchmaking multiplayer system; Slayer is a deathmatch-type game, where the object of the game is to get as many kills on the other team as possible within the allotted time, or until you reach the kill goal. Credits are your experience points, and you can spend them on items in the Armory without losing your current rank and experience point total.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I seem to be doing perfectly fine in my Programming class. Right now, the stuff is easy. Today's quiz was just creating a GUI for an Internet Radio application. No programming whatsoever. That's not to say we haven't done any programming... just not any heavy stuff.
Then again, this is a grade 10 class. And I've always been ahead of my peers. Probably helps I'm in Grade 11.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bowling and Bumper Cars

Last night I went out with my Dad and some of the guys from previous churches we've attended, as well as some of Dad's closer friends. We went 10-pin bowling at Splitsville with a WagJag deal that lasted for 2 hours of bowling and one ride at the bumper cars.
Bowling was fun, though after my fifth gutter ball and Kevin's fifth strike, I just wanted to go home and play some Halo: Reach (you know, to take out my frustration). I ended with a bang, though, as I got a spare and a strike on the last frame. That made me feel good, despite only having gotten 51 points in the last game (to contrast, the second-lowest score was in the high 60s/low-to-mid 70s).
Bumper cars was also a blast. They were kind of like hovercraft, with big, round, air-filled cushions encircling the rider, and two joysticks on either side. If you got hit a certain amount of times (or oversteered/turned, I'm not sure), you'd stop moving and spin in place, lights on your car flashing red. It was difficult to gain momentum, so there were no jerky bumps, unless you and another rider charged straight at each other. Unfortunately, it ended all too soon, or at least felt like it, especially since the music cut off abruptly, rather than being in sync with the rest of our ride.
After bumper cars, we were heading back to the main part of Splitsville (we were in the arcade section) when we spotted a Hurricane Simulator. I ended up trying it, and it certainly felt like hurricane-force winds were buffeting me. The effect would have been... well, more effective, if I had longer hair. When I got out, I realized that, instead of feeling cool and refreshed, I was sticky. It seems they pump humid air into the chamber, as it is, after all, a hurricane, and not a tornado.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Violent Dreams, and Lots Of Homework

This morning (or was it last night?), I woke up with a pain in my hand. I had just punched the wall - hard - after dreaming about punching an imposter of someone near to me in the face. The previous night, I had dreamt about using a stiff cardboard tube to disarm people looking to attack me in a place that looked suspiciously like Future Shop - where my COOP placement is. I don't know why I'm dreaming of whacking people with cardboard tubes and assaulting would-be kidnappers (don't ask, I don't know). Some psychiatrist could probably tell me, but it's not like I'm waking up to find my room is trashed or anything. If that happens, then I'll go to a doctor.

I just now finished an extensive amount of homework, all for a subject I never thought I'd have a lot of homework for: COOP. Yes, notice how everything seems to be revolving around this particular part of my life? Hmm... Mind you, this was a project that was meant to be done over a few weeks, not in one or two nights, so... yeah. Tomorrow night is an English Essay Outline. Yay!... not.