Thursday, November 10, 2011

Timmy's Runs

First off: if you were confused by the title, it's okay, you're probably not alone.

I often get to work just after someone has left to go to Tim Horton's to get coffee and Timbits. This frustrates me, as I always bring my wallet to work, for the express purpose of paying a coworker to get me coffee. Or, in the rare instance, when I actually go with a coworker to Tim's. That's only happened, what, once in my entire Co-op this far? And it's already half over, too.

In fact, one of my coworkers actually asked me if I wanted to go on a "Timmy's Run" today. I would have accepted, except for one thing:
That was at 4 pm. My Co-op ends at 4.

If I had my own vehicle (and a driver's licence), then I could easily accept, walk to Tim's (it's not far from Future Shop), walk back, hang out for a bit, then drive back home. Sadly, this is not the case.

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