Thursday, November 10, 2011

ENG - Macbeth Group Work

Last night I stayed up way too late (in my opinion, that's 11:00 on a weekday) doing English group work. Specifically, Macbeth group work.

We were tasked with making a visual element (a poster), a 250 word explanation of the pictures used on the poster, finding 5 quotes from the play that represent different themes, and, finally, individual questions (to be answered individually. Duh).

I ended up doing most of the work for the poster. Johnny helped me out with ideas for the pictures (I ended up copying one or two almost exactly as he had done them on a lined piece of paper, just blowing them up a little to match the scale of my other drawings), while Qadry drew one of the pictures and helped out with brainstorming. Billy was away yesterday (Wednesday), so he couldn't really contribute during class, but I sent  him a picture of the poster once I was done it on Facebook, so he could write the explanation for it (Johnny also said he'd do it, but he's not exactly known for his proficiency with words, so hopefully we'll have two different versions to choose from).

When I was done the poster, my right arm felt limp - I'd drawn, inked, and coloured at least 6 different images, and written a few critic quotes on the bottom-left corner (also a requirement of the assignment).

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