Tuesday, September 20, 2011

COOP progress & Buttons

My COOP experience at Future Shop is going smoothly, so far. I had to call a customer on the phone yesterday, and, silly enough, my nerves started acting up. I didn't settle down until a few hours later, which is pretty sad. I hope I didn't show anything on my face or in my posture to suggest something was wrong.

In ICS today, I learned how to create buttons in Flash. Some pretty exciting stuff, even if what we've learned so far is pretty limited. We actually started using ActionScript 2.0 today, instead of just dragging stuff around on the stage. Now it feels more like a programming class, and I feel right at home from when I was teaching myself Python. (I quit after a while, I need somebody to hold me accountable for this kind of stuff, I need a reason to keep me going. Kind of like how I'm struggling for motivation to even start my darn comic...)

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