Thursday, November 8, 2012


Provided I have no Religion homework (I type this during 4th period and Religion is 5th), I will be free tonight. What do I plan to do with my time? Play Halo 4. And play. And play.
I only got to play it between two or three hours on launch day (Tuesday) and I played one game of Regicide ( yesterday between skating and youth group.
The little of Infinity (multiplayer), or more specifically, War Games, I have played gives me a great first impression. The UI first of all throughout the game is excellent and easily navigable (not to mention pretty), and the gameplay is amazing. The concerns that Halo is becoming Call of Duty are unwarranted. True it has customizable loadouts, but it takes the best elements of COD and scraps all the rest while still staying Halo.

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