Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halo 4

Got Halo 4 yesterday, the day it launched. Had little time to play it, unfortunately, and likely I'll have no time at all tonight. :'(
The Campaign is all I've played so far, and Co-op, so I don't get the full-screen experience (or even half the screen... the game engine squishes the two players into what almost looks like 4:3 boxes). It really is a gorgeous game, and the sound design is amazing (unfortunately, no surround sound, but the sound positioning even with just a 2.1 system is superb). All the weapons seem pretty balanced, except the Beam Rifle and Binary Rifle. Mind you, they're snipers, so it makes sense that they can take out enemies with just one or two shots.
Beam Rifle
Binary Rifle

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