Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bowling and Bumper Cars

Last night I went out with my Dad and some of the guys from previous churches we've attended, as well as some of Dad's closer friends. We went 10-pin bowling at Splitsville with a WagJag deal that lasted for 2 hours of bowling and one ride at the bumper cars.
Bowling was fun, though after my fifth gutter ball and Kevin's fifth strike, I just wanted to go home and play some Halo: Reach (you know, to take out my frustration). I ended with a bang, though, as I got a spare and a strike on the last frame. That made me feel good, despite only having gotten 51 points in the last game (to contrast, the second-lowest score was in the high 60s/low-to-mid 70s).
Bumper cars was also a blast. They were kind of like hovercraft, with big, round, air-filled cushions encircling the rider, and two joysticks on either side. If you got hit a certain amount of times (or oversteered/turned, I'm not sure), you'd stop moving and spin in place, lights on your car flashing red. It was difficult to gain momentum, so there were no jerky bumps, unless you and another rider charged straight at each other. Unfortunately, it ended all too soon, or at least felt like it, especially since the music cut off abruptly, rather than being in sync with the rest of our ride.
After bumper cars, we were heading back to the main part of Splitsville (we were in the arcade section) when we spotted a Hurricane Simulator. I ended up trying it, and it certainly felt like hurricane-force winds were buffeting me. The effect would have been... well, more effective, if I had longer hair. When I got out, I realized that, instead of feeling cool and refreshed, I was sticky. It seems they pump humid air into the chamber, as it is, after all, a hurricane, and not a tornado.

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