Thursday, October 27, 2011

Power Supply, USB issues, and POST

Last night, before Youth at the church (West Highland Baptist), I went to Canada Computers and got a new power supply, a Cooler Master ( I got it for three main reasons: making my computer quieter, decreasing total heat output (makes my room way too warm), and stabilizing my system.

What I mean by the latter is that, I continuously had to press the Reset button on the front of the case (often more than once) in order to get my computer to just start up. When I tested the system last night, it seemed as if for naught, as it was only a few decibels quieter, and I still had to hit the reset button!

This morning, however, when I started it up, I learned, not only that, but the front USB ports weren't working, and, since my computer's beneath my wooden desk, I have the wireless dongle for my Logitech Unity keyboard and mouse combo plugged in there. (If plugged in the back USB ports, they don't connect, or the input lags.) So, I took it apart, took out all the cables connected to the USB headers (on purpose) and power connectors for the front panel (by accident), and put them all back in. Then, when I turned it on, they worked! Hallelujah! And, so far, the 3 or 4 times I've turned it on since (different tests to see if I connected everything properly again), I haven't had to press the Reset button! And this was all before school this morning!

Now, as I mentioned earlier, my system isn't a whole lot quieter. This is not because the power supply is loud, but rather, because one of the fans, a 120mm Blue LED Cooler Master "Sickle Flow" fan (, is directly connected to a Molex power connector, instead of the motherboard. My mobo (This crappy thing) only has one fan header, and that one goes to the rear case fan, though I might switch, and see if that makes a difference (in noise level, not cooling ability. I don't have very new parts that require a lot of energy, so I'm not worried much about them overheating).

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