Wednesday, October 26, 2011


While I'm enjoying learning Computer Programming in C#, I can't help but wish there was a course or unit that covered Python. Python is a cross-platform programming language most often used in Linux, but many programs (if Python is installed) can be found on Windows and Mac OSX. Python is usually used to create Open-Source programs, meaning, free, as in beer (you don't have to pay to get it) and free, as in, you're free to modify the source code as you see fit, while still giving credit for the original program or code, should you choose to repackage it and redistribute it.
Since I feel most at home using some sort of Linux distribution, it is very difficult for me to use C# anywhere outside of school. Most PCs have Microsoft Windows of some sort on them. Those who use Linux are considered "Power Users", and are considered a minority. Despite that, we are a very vocal, and very stubborn, minority indeed.

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