Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Violent Dreams, and Lots Of Homework

This morning (or was it last night?), I woke up with a pain in my hand. I had just punched the wall - hard - after dreaming about punching an imposter of someone near to me in the face. The previous night, I had dreamt about using a stiff cardboard tube to disarm people looking to attack me in a place that looked suspiciously like Future Shop - where my COOP placement is. I don't know why I'm dreaming of whacking people with cardboard tubes and assaulting would-be kidnappers (don't ask, I don't know). Some psychiatrist could probably tell me, but it's not like I'm waking up to find my room is trashed or anything. If that happens, then I'll go to a doctor.

I just now finished an extensive amount of homework, all for a subject I never thought I'd have a lot of homework for: COOP. Yes, notice how everything seems to be revolving around this particular part of my life? Hmm... Mind you, this was a project that was meant to be done over a few weeks, not in one or two nights, so... yeah. Tomorrow night is an English Essay Outline. Yay!... not.

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