Monday, September 10, 2012

Every single post will involve ponies in some way shape or form.

Be afraid.

In other news, I deleted everything to do with ICS 2O1 because I 1) didn't think about the possibility of me taking it again and 2) at the time we only had 300 MB for our hard drives. Checking My Computer, it now says all the network drives are over 500 GB. I have no idea if that is accurate. Maybe I should try installing WUBI and find out... actually, no, that wouldn't work, because WUBI installs Linux as a Windows program, and I'm pretty sure Deep Freeze cleans out the registry of any new entries. Or maybe it just restores the C: drive at every boot. Hmm.
If only these computers had the capability to boot from USB. Then I wouldn't have this issue...

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