Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School Hard Drives

Last year the hard drive space for students was minuscule - only 300 MB. This year, it's a lot larger... but I have no idea how much larger. My Computer reports all the drives as being the same size, 781 GB. That is definitely not accurate, as it said that there was still over 500 GB free. But then I couldn't save in Visual C#, which only usually happens if either the folder you're saving to is read-only or you've run out of space. I knew my Dropbox folder, where I usually save my stuff to, wasn't read-only, so I tried deleting a large folder (Camera Uploads within the DB folder) that was just over 1 GB. Sure enough, that did it.
Selecting everything on my drive, I can see that I have just over 200 MB of files. So, while the drive is bigger than before... it's not much bigger.
Perhaps I should just plug in my 32 GB USB thumb drive and save everything to there instead.

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