Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ugh... (art) homework.

The bane of every student's existence, homework. Something that thus far I've either not had or had little of, or had but there was no due date (ergo, I didn't do it). Now, however, and this is ironic - now, I have a big assignment that I missed yesterday because of the retreat, and guess what subject it is?
Art. More specifically, Visual Arts.
I hate art history. I could care less about so and so's contributions to art, or that they had to steal the bodies of dead criminals in order to perform a dissection to study anatomy.
"Wait, what?" Yes, one small part of the assignment I'm doing is researching Andreas Vesalius, whose apparently was a big influence on our understanding of anatomy. Before him, it was believed that the human jaw was made up of two bones, not one, and there were about 200 different theories this guy proved wrong.
See, I am learning stuff. I'd just really rather not. This does not excite me in any way, though I know it does for some people, particularly this one girl in my art class, who brought her own anatomy book to class to use as a reference for a supposedly big project we're working on that will likely take half a semester at the rate it's going. Which is fine by me. I dun wanna work on it.

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