Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Slow school computers

I'm starting to get really frustrated with the school's computers. All I have open is Dropbox and Firefox and all of a sudden it locks up. I was even trying out the lightweight browsers Slimboat and Avant but it STILL was slow! Right-clicking the taskbar and opening Task Manager, Performance tab, I can see that, even immediately after starting up, the computer is already using the page file. Page files are what the computer uses in place of physical memory (aka RAM) when it is used up. If just sitting on the desktop it's using the page file, either they have less than 512 MB of RAM (which is just sad) or someone who thought they were smart somehow disabled access to the physical memory. Likely they have 256 or less MB of RAM.
*sigh* This is what happens when your school thinks video announcements, which interrupt the curriculum for my Commtech class BTW, are better than trying to update 8 year old technology.

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