Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Art: Convinced to stay

Today I approached my visual arts teacher with the intention of switching from the 11M course to the 11O course. I do not like the class and traditional art does not interest me. I would much rather be using a drawing tablet than paints on canvas. However, when I mentioned my preference for digital arts over traditional media, my teacher stopped me and said that in the Grade 12 class, which I have next semester, you can choose how you want to complete an assignment, be that via photography, painting, drawing or working on the computer. This piqued my interest, and I'm willing to push through the dull and difficult portions of the class if that means I can work on my digital art skills for school. But now that means I have to really work hard, because you can only take the Grade 12 class if you take the 11M course. Tonight as a result I have to put together a group presentation for tomorrow (couldn't work on it over the long weekend because I couldn't get a hold of my partner) and work on my "Figure in Motion" anatomy drawing. Much of the class has already started on the good copy of that, while I still have barely started the anatomy portion (we had to do a representational or "realistic" rendering first). It was due tomorrow, but thankfully the presentations have pushed that back till Friday.
Gah. Why do I do these things to myself? How am I supposed to get some part time work if homework for these classes takes up all my free time after school?

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