Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pageview Spike

This is odd... a while ago, I shared the link to my blog on Facebook, because I wanted more than just myself and my teacher to read it. However, it seemed like nobody noticed, as the pageviews remained around 170 or so, while my long-abandoned blog, Random - Reviews, currently has over 800. Which is weird. Though I suppose if I changed the title of this blog, I might get more views... because I definitely post about more than programming. Maybe I should switch to Tumblr or Wordpress.
Anyway, when I checked the pageviews again, they're suddenly over 200. Apparently, some random folks decided to check out my blog (or they just hit "Next Blog>>" on whatever one they were on, which randomly displays one). Neat.
Also, obligatory Spike because his name's in the title:

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