Thursday, October 4, 2012


A friend on Facebook the other day suggested using Wordpress instead of Blogger for this. I may check it out, as I've had some experience with using Wordpress and Wordpress-based sites (usually webcomics themed with Comicpress) and already have an account. Apparently Wordpress allows for far more customization than Blogger, but as I'm just doing this for my Programming class, not sure if it's worth it.
Speaking of programming, we just had our test today for Selection-Repetition (utilizing for... while... loops). The multiple choice part was easy for the most part, and the pseudo-code, what we call writing out the code on paper as if we were actually programming, was simple as it was open-book and I was able to look at the code for other programs I've done. The only thing I know I forgot was to check for negative values in a km-miles conversion, though I don't think it matters.

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