Thursday, October 11, 2012

Firefox Portable - now with Flash Player!

"Handed" in - "sent" in is more accurate - my Methods Assignment for Programming. I added a button with the Enabled property set to false so you couldn't click it. Why? Because that particular question was crossed off on the sheet, and I didn't want to rename the button to something else or just continue the numbering after that question.

In other news, having Firefox Portable on my USB stick came in handy for something other than Programming. During the presentations for Art today, a classmate was having difficulty with Internet Explorer loading a Flash presentation site called And no wonder - these computers are far too old and are still using Windows XP with IE8! They also don't have the latest Flash Player installed, and because of Faronic's Deep Freeze,  which provides "a fresh start with every reboot!", even if you install it on the current computer it is wiped out the next time you reboot. However, I found a way to put the Adobe Flash Player plugins in my Firefox's Data folder without installing the actual program itself. So, now my Firefox Portable installation has Flash Player 11.4.something.something. Hooray!

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