Thursday, October 25, 2012

FINALLY! Homework-free and baptism

Today marks the first day (besides yesterday, but I had my Youth group so that doesn't count) that I do not have any homework for any of my subjects!
Hooray! :D
However, I am not completely devoid of "homework" per se. I have to write out a testimony for my upcoming baptism on November 11, or Remembrance Day for us Canadian/Commonwealth folks. Since I am Protestant, I was never sprinkled with water or had water poured on me at birth, since we do not believe that really does anything. Baptism does not save; it is supposed to be a public testament of your faith. In the New Testament, back when Jesus walked the Earth, people were only baptized after they had come to faith in Jesus. There are no recordings in the Bible of baptisms at birth or of any other method of baptism other than immersion. In fact, the Greek word used for baptism, baptizo, when translated, means "to immerse."

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